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2016-17 IBPAC Board
The purpose of the Myers Park International Baccalaureate Parents Advisory Council (IBPAC) is to provide parental support for the IB Coordinator, teachers, and students involved in the IB program at Myers Park High School.

President - Lisa Donovan,
  • Lead the IBPAC board to develop a budget and raise funds to support needs of the IB program. This will be done with the support of the past-year President(s), IB Leadership Team and the current Fundraising Chair and Treasurer.
· Work with the IB Leadership Team to plan IB Program support by working with parents, students and prospective families.
  • Coordinate and support the work of the IBPAC committees.

President-Elect (new) – open
  • Work collaboratively with the IBPAC President to support IB Program initiatives. This position is a two-year commitment.

Treasurer - Alison Levinson,
  • Helps the Executive committee to plan and maintain the IBPAC budget, manage donations, expense requests, payments and other budgetary responsibilities.

Secretary - Tricia Phelan,
  • Records notes of IBPAC meetings and coordinates volunteer requests at the beginning of the year.

Administrative Support - Courtney Christensen,
  • Supports IB Leadership Team, as needed.

Communication/Website/Social Media/Marketing Co-Chairs - Bill Gary,, Carol Sample,
  • Assists with website maintenance and/or content.
  • Assists with developing, in collaboration with the Leadership Team and Board President, informational materials and communication methods for current and prospective families.
· Develops and monitors Social Media content, in collaboration with the IB Leadership Team, teachers and students

Hospitality Co-Chairs - Leslie Flanagan,, Tricia Phelan,
Hospitality Co-Chair Elects: Julie Clements,, Laura Tenzer,
Hospitality Committee: Addison Ayer,, Mary Tinkey,
  • Supports IB teachers, staff and IBPAC Committees by responding to their hospitality needs and requests. Also collaborates with the PTSO counterpart to plan special teacher appreciation events such as breakfasts or luncheons.
  • Organize the Freshman Fall Social, an event held during first general IB parent meeting.

Global Initiatives Chair (new) – Mark Osborn,
  • Identify and support Global Initiatives and Programs in alignment with IBO to enhance the IB student experience.

International Week Chair - Sarah Good,,
  • Provide support for the annual November event on the quad run by IB Student Council during the school day where students from various international clubs showcase their culture and food.

Leadership Institute (IB DP) Chair - Ana Aceti,, Jennifer Spratley,, John Spratley,
  • Modeled after Leadership Charlotte, this program is for IB juniors (by application) and develops leadership with a global perspective. Chair and Volunteers coordinate programs along with the senior leaders, who run the meetings.

Emerging Leaders (IBMYP) Chair (new) - Kevin Butler,
  • Identify, coordinate and support program opportunities to develop empathy and leadership skills with a global perspective for IBMYP students.

Recruitment Chair - Heather Renner,, Monisha Patel,
  • Create marketing messages and host events to attract students and parents to the IB program at MPHS.

Senior Graduation Event Co-Chairs - Amy Godwin,, Lisa Bobbitt,
  • Organizes an event that is held on the day of graduation rehearsal where the Diploma students are recognized and honored. The event includes a local guest speaker.

Student Initiatives Chair - Abbie Doughery,
  • Assists the IB Student Council with initiatives, advice, food, supplies, and other support as needed.

Community Service Chair (new) – Lisa Kehoe,
  • Coordinate Community Service projects for IB students as a component of the IB curriculum.
  • Organize group Community Service projects for IB students to create constructive ”down times”.

Social Events Chair (new) - open
  • Organizes quarterly social events for IB DP and IB MYP students fostering program unity, mentorship and student retention.

IB Diploma Testing Coordinator - Ana Aceti,
  • Coordinates IB Diploma test registration and proctors

Fundraising Co-Chairs (new) – Lynn Osment,, Lisa Kehoe,, Monisha Patel,
  • Collaborate with the IBPAC board to identify necessary funding to support needs of the IB program. This will be done with the support of the IBPAC President, IB Leadership Team and Treasurer.
  • Coordinates Fundraising to support IB programming, initiatives and enrichment to enhance the IB Student Experience.
  • Identify Outreach opportunities, providing funding to support diversity within the IB Program.

IB/PTSO Liaison (new) - Lisa Donovan,
  • PTSO Board position held by IBPAC President to promote communication, collaboration and alignment with MPHS initiatives.

25th Anniversary – IB at the Park Co-Chairs - Lynn Osment,, Heath Osburn,, Marion Betancourt-Albrecht,
25th Anniversary Committee: Mary Tinkey, meitinkey@gmail.comKaren Gerkin,
  • 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of the IB Program at MPHS. A year-long celebration is scheduled during the 2017-2018 school year. Identify, plan and coordinate activities and volunteers for the 25th Anniversary – IB at the Park celebration.

IB Alumni Relations (new) – Marion Betancourt-Albrecht,, Lisa Kehoe,
  • Develop and coordinate a Myers Park High School IB Alumni Association and communication network. Support IB Student Leadership Initiatives and Recruiting through Alumni mentorship.