Standard vs Higher Level Courses

IB courses are offered at two levels: Standard Level and Higher Level. Standard Level courses require one year of instruction time whereas Higher Level courses require two years of
instruction time. Diploma students are required to take at least three and not more than four courses at Higher Level and the others at Standard Level. IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB Physics and the Arts are
listed as two-year courses for both Standard and Higher Levels. These classes are mixed- SL & HL. Standard Level students benefit from the Higher Level curriculum yet have the option to
choose the Standard Level exam after two years.

IB Diploma Points

Each academic subject is graded on a scale of 1 to 7. The award of IB diploma requires that the student has (1) scored a minimum total of 24 points, (2) completed satisfactorily his/her subject courses, (3) completed satisfactorily his/her Theory of Knowledge course, (4) completed satisfactorily his/her CAS activities and (5) completed satisfactorily his/her Extended Essay.The Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay grades are combined to yield 0 to 3 bonus points. A student's total score is obtained as a sum of all subject grades and bonus points. The maximum total score is thus 45 points.

When to take IB Diploma test?

Students must successfully complete exams in six courses. Students must register for at least 3 higher and 3 standard level courses. Generally, tests should be taken upon completion of highest level taken. For example, students planning on taking level 6 language would test at the end of the 6th year. Some IB classes, primarily in the sciences, history such as are only offered as a two year course.
Below are testing options for typical IB courses:
English: Students test for HL credit after completing both IB English 11 and IB English 12
Foreign Languages: After completing IB French 5, IB Spanish 5, IB German 5, or IB Latin 5 students will test for SL credit, unless they will be completing IB French 6, IB Spanish 6, or IB German 6 for which they will test for HL credit
History: Students test for HL credit after completing both IB History of the Americas (HOTA) and IB 20th Century
Sciences: After completing TWO-YEARS of IB Biology, IB Chemistry, and IB Physics students may test for either SL or HL credit. ???ENVIRONMENTAL???
Math: Students will either test for SL credit after completing both IB Studies I and IB Studies II or IB Methods I and IB Methods II or HL credit after completing IB Math Higher Level III
Standard Level IB Electives: Student test for SL credit at the completion of the year-long course.
ex. of SL Elective Courses include IB Economics, IB Physcology, IB Philospohy
Higher Level IB Electives: Students test for HL credit after completing the two-year long course.
ex. of HL Elective Courses include IB Business Management HL, IB Info Tech HL, IB Psych

Test Dates and Sites

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